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Recent flooding in Dunedin - 4th Jun 2015

Recent flooding in Dunedin

Recent torrential rain in Dunedin has caused flooding, road closures, evacuations and people sandbagging their homes. Our showroom and manufacturing plant is in Kaikorai Valley Road and is in one of the the low-lying areas in Dunedin that have been affected along with Brighton, Mosgiel, North East Valley and many more.

Luckily our premises are slightly raised up from ground level, although our workshop still ended up with water coming in, which caused manufacturing to be halted for the day, shortly after lunch.The Kaikorai Stream which runs out the back of our workshop was running at full capacity and had burst its banks not far up the road from us, causing the road to be completely flooded at the Stone Street roundabout.

Staff needed to move their cars from the side of the road as torrents of water were coming under the parked cars on both sides of the road and levels were rapidly rising. Peoples rubbish bags and wheelie bins had obviously been swept away and rubbish was seen floating down the street outside. Two car bumpers were also rescued from the flowing flood waters.

Our staff were sent home for the day and like most people travelling home, one staff member had a 1 hour 20 min trip home which normally would be a short 10 minute drive. 

There will be a big clean up now for a lot of residents and businesses in Dunedin. Some of our wrought iron gate installations have been delayed due to the weather.

Lets hope the rain has stopped for sometime to allow us to dry out.

Automated Wrought Iron Gate's popular - 5th May 2015

Automated Wrought Iron Gate's popular We have noticed a trend over the past few years where customers are choosing automated gates to make entering and exiting their properties convenient, keeping in beloved pets but also making the home more secure and deterring burglars. We are constantly reminded about keeping our properties secure with more and more criminal incidents happening in and around our neighbourhoods.

In previous years, automated gates were seen only on high end properties but over time, have become more affordable. IRONGEAR by A.J Grant gates stand out, not only in design and workmanship but the motors we use are Italian branded which are products we stand by. They are tried and tested proven to be trouble free for a very long time. Design wise, clients are not only choosing intricate wrought iron styles from classic through to modern but also the simplest of designs so has to keep the price within their budget.

Gates can be done in stages. We can make and install the gates and then automation can come at a later date. When building a new house, it is a good idea to be thinking about your gate early on, when power cables can be laid in preparation for future automated wrought iron gates. This saves a lot of money when power is already available up to the proposed gate.

Once we have been on site and made an assessment we can work through a design with you and then supply you with a written quotation. Contact IRONGEAR by A.J Grant today.

Handrails can help prevent major falls. - 19th Mar 2015

Handrails can help prevent major falls.


As the weather is changing and we are heading into Autumn, now is the time to organise a handrail for yourself or your elderly family members.

Handrails can be installed in many commercial situations, including Sports Clubs, Churches, Schools, University's along with Hospitals and Medical Centres.

Irongear by A.J Grant manufacture and install galvanised pipe handrails for ascending or descending slippery paths and stairways. They are manufactured to the highest standard and are custom made for each situation. We also manufacture decorative wrought iron handrails to add a touch of style to your entrance way. Irongear by A.J Grant handrails can be powdercoated to the colour of your choice.

Grab Rails

Irongear by A.J Grant supply and install grab rails for internal and external areas insuring greater safety around the house. We have different options available for bathrooms and wet areas for more support when bathing or showering.

Give your yourself or family members reassurance by ordering an Irongear by A.J Grant handrail and help prevent a major fall.

"Great New Zealand Rotary Clothesline" - 23rd Oct 2014

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant are proud manufacturers of the "Great New Zealand Rotary Clothesline".

Manufactured right here in Dunedin, our rotary clotheslines are made from non-rust galvanised steel and are known to be one of the strongest rotary clotheslines available on the market.They are built to stand up to the elements and particularly suitable for high wind areas. 

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant also manufacture the "T-Post" 5 line, wired together with galvanised steel wire. The recommended distance is 5m between the posts. Heavy duty posts available for a longer span. As well as manufacturing our own clotheslines, we are also agents for Hills. 
Choose from the rotary, wind up hoist, retractable and folding frame style clotheslines.

We install, rewire and repair clotheslines. When installing your new clothesline we can remove and dispose of your old one. IRONGEAR by A.J Grant clotheslines can be sold and shipped anywhere in New Zealand but we only install clotheslines in the greater Dunedin area.

FIFA Under 20 World Cup 2015 - 31st Jul 2014

FIFA Under 20 World Cup 2015 Dunedin will host 7 matches of the FIFA Under 20 World Cup 2015 during May and June next year. IRONGEAR by A.J Grant are proud to help fund this event which is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Dunedin.

We have shown our support in an advertising feature for the FIFA Under 20 World Cup 2015 in the ODT recently.

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant producers of quality wrought iron gates, balustrades, fencing and clotheslines.

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant supporting Football United Football Tour 2014 - 22nd Jul 2014

IRONGEAR by A.J Grant supporting Football United Football Tour 2014 Bruce Grant recently had the opportunity to meet some of the stars from Newcastle United for breakfast under the roof of Forysth Barr Stadium. On Tuesday evening 22nd of July 2014, the match between Newcastle United and Sydney FC resulted in a 4 nil win to Newcastle United. The match was played in the Forysth Barr Stadium, Dunedin.

Supporters of Football South, A.J Grant are sponsors of division 1, A.J Grant Playgear and Masters 35+ A.J Grant Clothesline league.

The Star - "Keep it Local" directory - 18th Jun 2014

The Star - IRONGEAR by A.J Grant support Dunedin Local Businesses by advertising in the "Keep it Local" section of the Star.

Currently the Star is running a competition where you can win $1000.00 worth of Lucky Local Prizes. Just purchase product with us and keep your receipt to enter.

Hold on to your Star "Keep it Local" directory (first Thursday of the month).

Fill in an entry form and attach an original or copy your receipt. Enter as many times as you want as long as each receipt is accompanied by an entry form. 

Post or drop in your entry for the September draw before 21 August, 2014.

Keep it Local Competition, P.O Box 517, Dunedin.

IRONGEAR  by A.J Grant are proud manufacturers of quality wrought iron, gates, fencing and balustrades along with many more products. 

Looking back on fascinating Wrought Iron gates made by IRONGEAR by A.J Grant. - 15th May 2014

Looking back on fascinating Wrought Iron gates made by IRONGEAR by A.J Grant. Bruce Grant of Irongear by A.J Grant, has been making gates for many years and has this to share:

The heaviest and biggest gates we have ever made were for a Chocolate Factory, they were clad with aluminium sheet and caught that much wind on a windy day, 4 men struggled to close them.
One automated gate we made was for an ex pat who had a holiday home at a resort in NZ. It was automated with sensors and TV cameras. He could look at his computer in Sydney and decide whether or not to open the gate for his guests at his holiday home in NZ. Automated gates at the Dunedin Chinese Gardens had to blend in with the old original wrought iron from more than 100 years old.

We’ve made “Mt Aspiring “ gates; telescopic expanding Gates; wrought iron gates only half a metre high (you just step over them); gates with family crests on; gates that go up hill as you fold them back; gates that concertina on themselves and fold out to 4 times the length.
Latterly we have been involved with a client who built a house on an old potato patch, hence, the gates were custom designed for the area with "fleur de lis" and "pomme de terre" along the bottom.

At the moment, the original Mr A.J Grant who passed away in 1991, is working on the Pearly gates. It’s been a while now but we expect the order to come through shortly!

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