Recent flooding in Dunedin

Recent flooding in Dunedin

4th June 2015
Recent torrential rain in Dunedin has caused flooding, road closures, evacuations and people sandbagging their homes. Our showroom and manufacturing plant is in Kaikorai Valley Road and is in one of the the low-lying areas in Dunedin that have been affected along with Brighton, Mosgiel, North East Valley and many more.

Luckily our premises are slightly raised up from ground level, although our workshop still ended up with water coming in, which caused manufacturing to be halted for the day, shortly after lunch.The Kaikorai Stream which runs out the back of our workshop was running at full capacity and had burst its banks not far up the road from us, causing the road to be completely flooded at the Stone Street roundabout.

Staff needed to move their cars from the side of the road as torrents of water were coming under the parked cars on both sides of the road and levels were rapidly rising. Peoples rubbish bags and wheelie bins had obviously been swept away and rubbish was seen floating down the street outside. Two car bumpers were also rescued from the flowing flood waters.

Our staff were sent home for the day and like most people travelling home, one staff member had a 1 hour 20 min trip home which normally would be a short 10 minute drive. 

There will be a big clean up now for a lot of residents and businesses in Dunedin. Some of our wrought iron gate installations have been delayed due to the weather.

Lets hope the rain has stopped for sometime to allow us to dry out.