Rotary - Delivered South Island

Rotary - Delivered South Island

F4 Clothesline

Standard Rotary Clothesline (fixed pole)

  • F3 - 4 lines 26m (suitable for Double sheets, outside line approx 2.3m)
  • F4 - 4 lines 30m (suitable for Queen sheets, outside line approx 2.45m)
  • F5 - 5 lines 40m (suitable for King sheets, outside line approx. 3m)

You remember when gran's knickers were blown off the line by a strong wind, back when clotheslines were built to last? You don't have to worry now, the 'Great New Zealand Rotary Clothesline' is made right here today in Dunedin! At Otago Engineering, our rotary clothesline range is made in different sizes from non-rust galvanised steel and are known to be one of the strongest rotary clotheslines available on the market. They are built to withstand the elements and are particularly suitable for high wind areas. 

Features of this clothesline include: Duragalvanised pipe pole, angle arms and rod stays, all hot-dip galvanised and genuine galvanised clothesline wire.

The above pricing is for each individual clothesline delivered to any address in the South Island of New Zealand! These clotheslines are sent direct from the factory.