About Otago Engineering

Otago Engineering Now

Andrew and his sister Lauren Callander took the helm of A. J Grant in 2019, rebranding to Otago Engineering. With over 65 years as an engineering business in Dunedin, Otago Engineering continues to produce and install a wide range of steel and iron products including gates, automatic gates, fences, balustrades, and handrails. Otago Engineering ship spiral staircases and clotheslines throughout the country and produce customised security and automatic gates throughout Otago including Alexandra, Clyde, Arrowtown, Cromwell and Wanaka.

Andrew brings over a decade of experience as an engineer to Otago Engineering, and Lauren comes from a background in graphic design and administration. Together, they bring a focus on quality and creativity to every project they complete, helping businesses throughout Dunedin and New Zealand with steelwork and wrought iron pieces.

The History of Otago Engineering (Formally IRONGEAR by A.J Grant)

Otago Engineering has been a trusted business in Dunedin for over 65 years, previously called A. J Grant after the previous owner, Alex Grant. The business began in a backyard garage, building roof racks and gates from recycled conduit pipes. Sons Allan and Bruce took over from their father in 1976.

During that time, A. J Grant introduced IRONGEAR as a major facet of the business. IRONGEAR included wrought iron products, gates, elegant balustrades, fencing, ornate staircases, and specialised in swinging and sliding security gates.

You can still see some of the beautiful wrought iron fences and security gates produced decades ago by A. J Grant and Brett St John around Dunedin as IRONGEAR produced work for the likes of Port Otago, Milton Prison, the University of Otago and the Dunedin Chinese Gardens. Long time employee, Brett St John spent his life honing his craft and would forge pieces manually, producing intricate pieces. To this day, Otago Engineering continues to have a forge and can complete historical fence pieces using traditional techniques.

IRONGEAR rotary clotheslines are shipped throughout New Zealand and an iconic part of the classic kiwi backyard. Like a lot of work by A.J Grant, they’re made to last and have survived through generations of kiwi families. What sets A.J Grant apart is their clotheslines and products are made in New Zealand, specifically for the New Zealand environment; wind, hail, rain or shine.

Andrew began his engineering apprenticeship with A.J Grant in 2007, after qualifying as an engineer, Andrew embarked on his overseas experience, returning to A.J Grant in 2015 to take on a managerial role. As Bruce and Allan looked to retire, Andrew and his sister, Lauren, decided to take on the business, rebranding to Otago Engineering.