Hockey Stick - Powdercoated

Hockey Stick - Powdercoated

Our Hockey Stick Clothesline are ideal for against a wall or fence

Short on space in your back yard? At Otago Engineering our clothesline range is made in different shapes & sizes to suit any back yard, from non-rust galvanised steel our clotheslines are known to be one of the strongest available on the market. They are built to withstand the elements and particularly suitable for high wind areas.

You also have the option of Powder Coating your clothesline to the colour of your choice! To pick a specific colour head to the following Dulux website once you have selected a colour let is know in the notes section. Colours and images displayed here are a guide only and may not represent the true colour due to limitations of the display.

Features of this clothesline include: 2x Dura galvanised Hockey Stick Posts (they are 2.8m long, 900mm wide and a 60mm OD galvanised pole) and genuine galvanised clothesline wire. Ideal against a wall or fence, we recommend a post distance of up to 3m.

Delivery: Delivery will be added at checkout, prices are North Island $190 | South Island $170, please allow 2-3 weeks following order/payment. Our clotheslines are sent direct from our factory. Please note there is an extra cost in freighting powdercoated clotheslines as they require extra packing for protection.